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We believe that any successful business should have a formidable online presence. We would never undermine the importance of in-person referrals however, a strong online presence can help drive customers to your business who would otherwise never hear of it. Investing in digital technology can prove highly lucrative and provide you with a sizeable monetary return. Certain local marketing companies might try and convince you that aesthetics are the most important element of web design. Granted, it is important to have a website that functions efficiently and is rendered for optimal mobile and desktop accessibility.

Nevertheless, this is only one factor in creating a solid online platform. We have created a fail-proof system that incorporates data, analytics, and search engine algorithms that by design streamline your potential audience to your page. Furthermore, many less established advertising agencies Greensboro, NC businesses retain for service may lead them astray by only manufacturing a well-functioning desktop site for their company. In our current technological age, most people will not leave their homes without their smartphones.

You must create a website that accommodates people searching from both desktops and mobile phones. If your website isn’t functional for cell phone users, you risk alienating a significant amount of traffic. A well-rounded business website also makes it implicitly clear how a potential customer can get in contact. Now more than ever people want to be able to contact you conveniently and quickly. Our marketing team will furthermore create a website that incorporates all of these factors.

​While we work diligently to optimize your webpage for success, we don’t ever cut corners in any facet of our services. When it comes time to create a strategically structured website, you can guarantee it will be functional and visually appealing.

Web Development

If you’re looking to expand your prospects using proven digital marketing methodology, you must consider the importance of web development. Often misunderstood, people misconstrue web development to simply account for aesthetics. While the visual component of your website is critical, our development tactics are implemented using a holistic approach. With Duff at the head of your design team, we curate a platform that is visually innovative, easy to use, and perfectly rendered for a multitude of devices.

Nowadays, your website will yield traffic from a plethora of unique accessories ranging from desktops to smartphones. We create websites that are just as easily accessed on the go, as they are from the comfort of your customer’s home. Our ultimate goal is to streamline customers to your business using intuitive design principles built on efficacy and efficiency. Moreover, we are responsible for translating these views on your webpage to actual in-person clientele that serve as the backbone of your business. Our Greensboro web design services effectively revolutionize the way you conduct business.

In our current digital climate, web development is the primary impetus for generating clientele. How many people do you know who rely on antiquated search methods like phonebooks or roadmaps to relay information? Life as we know it has objectively changed and web development allows your business to stay competitive and viable in these ever-evolving times. While it may appear counterintuitive to allocate a significant amount of your investment funds into digital avenues, it ultimately achieves the desired effect of getting people through your doors. From which point, your business operates on its own merits.

At Duff Digital Marketing, we choose to represent and work alongside companies who we believe to be extraordinary. The very premise of our agency is mutually reciprocal. In essence, when your business succeeds, we succeed by proxy. As your partner and collaborator, we encourage open communication and exemplary service you won’t find in any other Greensboro marketing agency. Your website is the key to your success and provides prospective clients with that critical first impression. Don’t just entrust the intimate inner workings of your operation to anyone. As the agency that you can trust implicitly, Duff has you covered on every front.

Duff Digital Marketing Creates a Website That Will Do the Work For You

You probably have an idea of what a “working website” entails. At Duff Digital Marketing, we strongly believe we have revolutionized the art of curating a working website to encompass several important facets of web development. Our focus always hinges on creating an airtight online footprint, that translates into real-life sales.

We are the premier local internet marketing agency because we intimately understand what North Carolina customers are looking for. That’s one crucial aspect of what makes Duff Digital Marketing so qualified to help you build your business, we understand what your potential customer base prioritizes. Our digital business model guarantees that these prospective clients are guided to your webpage via Google and Facebook. We go a step further by ensuring they can contact you with complete ease and convenience. These are the simple, but effective marketing strategies that help solidify loyal customers.

At Duff Digital Marketing, we believe in the businesses that we represent and do our best to highlight and magnify what makes them unique. We work alongside you to showcase why your business deserves top ranking. We take the best your company has to offer and pair it with proven digital marketing techniques. The combination of both is nothing short of lightning in a bottle.
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Three Steps to Success Online

Our Greensboro marketing agency has curated a unique 3 point plan that we implement during the web development phase. As always, we work with our clients to create personalized plans that make sense within the context of their goals. Nevertheless, our 3 point web development template is universal and breaks down the process of how we go about creating your online stronghold.


During the first phase, we begin by establishing your online business goals. Subsequently, we create your own personalized webpage.


Once we’ve built your platform, we move into the second phase which focuses heavily on improving your ranking in Google

Social Media

Finally, we work towards generating even more traffic by growing your social media presence. We take advantage of the userbase of platforms

Need Custom Service?

No two businesses are the same, so why pick a “one size fits all” solution for your business? We cater every single thing we do specifically to the business we’re working with to get optimal results.

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We’re all about bringing up-front value to people and what better value than FREE? That’s right–free. We understand that putting money into your business is an investment and before you make any investment with us, we’ll be happy to give you a consultation and audit of your current web presence at absolutely no cost to you. No strings attached.

Build your brand’s voice

At Duff Digital Marketing, we have years of experience and training under our belts and continue our education every single day to build your brand’s voice

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